The Erasmus Student Network

The ESN network (Erasmus Student Network) is an European network gathering associations of young people welcoming young people, initiated with the support of the European Commission in 1989. This network has been present in Lyon since 2006 with membership in the network of the association ESN CosmoLyon.

The network is present in more than 40 countries, mainly in Europe, and help associations welcoming young people during international studies. These associations share a similar purpose and values, the ESN network allows them to get to know each other, exchange ideas and good practices or even carry out ambitious projects together.

ESN network projects

The ESN network carries out various projects at the international level to improve the living conditions of mobile students on different themes: sport, inclusion, disability, youth engagement, etc.

The associations of the ESN network carry some of these projects at the local level. In Lyon, this is the case with the BuddySystem or the ESNcard project.

Associations of the ESN network in Lyon

The ESN network in Lyon is present on the various campuses through the ESN CosmoLyon association.

ESN CosmoLyon was created in 2003 (with the name Cosmopolitan Lyon Club), the association welcomes students from all campuses with more than 70 events per year ! The association is based at the Maison des Étudiants (Lyon 7), where it holds its meetings, but you can meet its team in the corridors of all universities and schools.

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The ESN network works with other associations in the area to promote the reception of young people and jointly carry out reception projects. Depending on your campus or your needs, ESN CosmoLyon can direct you to other associations.