You are victim or you witnessed homophobia or transphobia ? You are not alone. Organizations (associations, telephone helplines
) are here to help you.

What to do in case of lgbt-phobic harassment or assault ?

Contact immediatly the police (17). If you are hurt, you will be taken to emergency department, where you’ll get a medical certificate that can prove the injuries endured.

File a complaint. Homophobia and transphobia are punished by law.

Surround yourself with close relatives and contact a psychological professionnal.

Listening available

If you’re going through a hard time and you need someone to talk to, online chats and hotlines are at your disposal, such as SOS Homophobie

SOS hmophobie

SOS homophobie is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation committed to combatting hate-motivated violence and discrimination against LGBT people. Founded in April 1994, SOS homophobie currently has over 1300 members, represented by an elected board of 21 members, in 18 branches throughout France. 400 of these members are active volunteers involved in the running of the organisation. Our head office is based in Paris. Membership fees and donations are our major sources of funding, along with occasional financing of projects from local municipalities and the government.

Our three main missions:

  • Support and advice for people who have been victim of or who have witnessed LGBT abuse via our:
    • anonymous telephone helpline ( or online chat where they can speak about their experiences to our trained listeners and receive information about the course of actions open to them;
    • legal services who will help them lodge complaints and/or bring a civil lawsuit before a court;

SOS Homophobie (in french) :

Monday to Friday : 6pm – 10pm

Saturday : 2pm – 4pm

Sunday : 6pm – 8pm

SOS AmitiĂ© (in french) :, 24/7

SOS AmitiĂ© English :

Online chat (in french) :

Monday to Sunday : 1pm – 3am

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