“La P’tite Rustine” is a participative and united bike workshop based on the Porte des Alpes campus in Bron. Its purpose is to promote the use of bicycles to transport yourself in the city through the sharing of knowledge and skills related to cycle mechanics and through the recovery of bikes intended for disposal.

Thus, all those interested, whether they are students or not, can take out their membership (€ 20 / year or € 30 / year) and learn how to maintain or repair their bicycle at a favorable price with the technical and material assistance available at the hotel. workshop and a large variety of used or new spare parts. It is also possible to buy or rent reconditioned bikes (called “Recyclette”).

La P’tite Rustine is a friendly place where the international language of cycling is spoken. You can meet the ecologist who wants to see a reduction in the amount of waste produced or pollutants emitted, the freedom-loving who is tired of waiting for the tram always crowded during peak hours, the sportsman, the thrifty, the manual, the person who wants to become manual, the one who does not yet have a bike or the one who uses it every day to get to work.

Thus, La P’tite Rustine wishes to make possible collective or individual citizen initiatives for better health, an environment more pleasant to live with fraternity!

Website : http://www.laptiterustine.fr/


Hello everyone ! C'est moi Cosmix, la mascotte de l'association ! J'accompagne l'équipe de CosmoLyon dans toutes leurs activités et sans modestie, c'est grùce à moi que les événements sont aussi cools. Si tu me croises, viens prendre des selfies avec moi car, il faut l'avouer, je suis une star internationale.