Le Grand Parc de Miribel Jonage is a park of the Lyon urban area covering around 2 200 hectares in outskirt of Lyon. It’s one of the biggest natural peripheral area in Europe, where we can find many activities.

Being before anything else a protected natural area of the fauna and flora, the Grand Parc Miribel-Jonage is a huge activities area : from terrestrial sports (biking, archery, golf, tennis…) to nautical sports (swimming, sailboat, rowing…). There also are music festival in summer !

The park is accessible with TCL in bus with the line 83 during summertime, the highway A42 or the Rocade Est.

Atol, the outdoor activities center of the park, is still open despite the sanitary conditions. Golf and bike location are still possible.

Despite activities reductions, it’s still a great place to enjoy nature and waterside (to do a jogging or a picnic !).

Practical information :

From Wesneday to Sunday and public holidays


Pictures from the official website.

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