After the article about the japanese traditional dance, I am coming back today to share with you my recent discover : the Théâtre Astrée. As I said once before, I am fond of art, museums and I love watching performances. That is why I am going to talk about art, especially contemporary dance since the Théâtre Astrée is going to hold the Chaos Dance festival. Justine Vincenti, communication manager at Mission Culture Lyon 1, has been kind enough to answer a few of my questions and to introduce to you all the theater !

Yes, but, what is Théâtre Astrée ?

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The Théâtre Astrée is the university theater of Lyon 1, located on “La Doua” campus. The offer is multidisciplinary : theater, magic, music, festival, and a lot more. The goal is to make art and culture more accessible. Due to that, the prices vary between low and free for students ! The theater keeps evolving each passing day.

Furthermore, contemporary dance plays a big role in the Théâtre Astrée. It has been 19 years since they began to organize the Chaos Dance festival. This event is dedicated to contemporary dance and takes place from March 9th to the 29th. During that time, professionals and amateurs are going to perform. It is the perfect occasion to learn more about dance, live entertainment et the Théâtre Astrée ! On top of that, most of the performances are non-French speaker friendly. No need to understand french to enjoy beauty. Art goes beyond the language.

Therefore, don’t forget your reservations and download the presentation leaflet so you won’t miss any performances !

Keep reading, they still have more to offer…

The Théâtre Astrée is part of the Mission Culture’s array of cultural facilities. On top of their diverse theater program, the Mission Culture is providing a lot of artistic activities you can participate in : puppet play, cinema, dance, writing… Everyone will be satisfied. And it is still budget friendly. Registrations are made during back-to-school season so you still have time to decide what is going to be your next hobby !

And if it wasn’t enough to convince you, I can’t encourage you enough to go see what they do with your own eyes ! Every year takes place Les Arthémiades which is a festival where every club makes an end of the year show.

Hurry and go check them out !


Access : bus C26 (Arrêt La Doua), bus C17 (Arrêt CNRS), tramway T1 et T4 (Arrêt La Doua-Gaston Berger)
Fees :
Free for all students !
Reduced fee (6 euros) and full fee (12 euros)

Online program/schedule

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